Lady Blabla

Posted in Uncategorized by rfslack on March 12, 2010

I just watched the video of Lady Gaga for a song called “Telephone.” The video certainly has some razzle dazzle. It’s one of those high budget movie-like spectaculars worthy of the memory of Michael Jackson and Madonna. It’s Siegfried Follies with girl-on-girl action.

The video tells a classic story: Fashionista girl finds herself in a lesbian prison, makes out with butch fellow prisoner. Fashionista escapes and meets Beyonce. They exchange wise-cracks that don’t really make sense. Fashionista then strips to her skivvies and dances around a lot. Other things most assuredly happen, but by then I had gotten the gist of it and moved on.

I am fairly certain that this video is going to help catapault Lady Gaga to Madonna-like dominance over Top 40. In a sense it’s fair. Popular music has been in a rut for quite some time and Lady Gaga at brings with her a modicum of imagination. She’s probably the best thing to happen to Top 40 in five years. She also leaves me entirely cold. The reaction is almost visceral.

I am fairly certain I know the cause of my irritation. With Lady Gaga it’s like the 1980s had been desperately missing autotuner without realizing it–and now, with her, the decade is finally whole. Lady Gaga completes the 80s sound. She is cold, synthesized, disposible. She brings me back to a time when I cursed my luck to be spending my high school years with Reagan, hair metal, lots of synthesizers, and Rambo movies.

Maybe I’ve Bob Segered myself. Maybe I’ve deluded myself into a sense of rock nostalgia. But I have to admit that I am waiting for a rock’n’roll Messiah. Somewhere out there is a skinny white boy with a guitar whose going to reclaim the radio for rock’n’roll–only he won’t sound like that douchebag from Bush.

In the meantime, I’ve really been enjoying–after not getting it for years– the Mountain Goats. Smart songwriting didn’t die when Randy Newman went soft!


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